List Of Things I Do Wrong In The House Part II


·         Doesn’t close chip bags. Chips always stale despite chip clips being in      plain site

·         Spills food in the fridge and liquids – leave it there to harden and fester

·         Will not throw out old food “has a tougher stomach than most”

·         Old food not in containers so the mold grows in my fridge giving me the lovely task of frequent sanitation on the bins and such

·         Makes really smelly foods – onions and brussel sprouts and doesn’t ventilate the area, so that seeps into the bedrooms.

·         Never cleans the top of the stove after use

·         Never cleans the floor after cooking –

·         Leaves groceries out for me to put away

·         Leaves take out cartons, Tupperware practically empty in the fridge

·         Leaves tupperware in sink with dried food on the side of it

·         Also leaves said Tupperware in the car for days and days so when I get it, there is mold in the nooks – or worse. (Editors note: I believe i created human life from UNKNOWINGLY leaving a dish in the car.  I do this for science)

·         Leaves dirty dishes in the sink – but doesn’t soak

·         Helps me by clearing the dishes from the “coffee table” and leaves them in the sink for me. I still have to load the dishwasher and wash the dried food off of the plates

·         Doesn’t take out the garbage unless I “hint” to him by removing the overflowing bag, tying it, then leaving by the back door.

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