List Of Things I Do Wrong In The House Part 1

(Ed.Note-I asked my wife to make a list of everything I did wrong in the house.  I thought it would be good fodder for my stand up.  My wife complied with typing up a 3 page document. She went room to room and made this list.  This is a portion of that document.)

Dining Room

  • Ryan doesn’t ever use the dining room. Wait, yes, to tie his shoes in the morning before leaving for work.

The Office:

  • Truthfully I took over the office. He doesn’t do anything wrong here. He’s actually quite nice in terms of letting it mostly be my room.


  • Since 2010 has done laundry himself about 4 times
  • Never puts wet clothes in the washing machine with the lid up so I know; instead puts them in the dirty laundry closet – a closed space with nice clothes and towels. Mildew anyone?
  • Never buys laundry detergent – or cleaning products. Complains how much they cost and do I “need” all of them?


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