Annmarie: I burnt the chicken on the grill. Can you stop and get McDonald’s for me on the way home?

Me: I’ll still eat the burnt chicken.

Annmarie: Over my dead body.

Me: I secretly think you burnt the chicken on purpose so you could get McDonald’s.


Me: Fine.  Give me your order. I’l still eat the burnt chicken.

Annmarie: I threw it out.  Swear on my unborn child it was inedible.  Don’t be mad.  I’m so angry.  I burnt myself on it.

Me: Don’t you mean “OUR” unborn child?

Annmarie: Sure. Why not. I honestly will have nightmares about that chicken. Can’t explain it.  Don’t ever want to have BBQ chicken again.  The burnt smell is indescribable.

Me: We WILL be making grilled chicken again.  Mark my words.  This will not be another scallop situation. (Ed. Note-We used to have scallops all the time. As a couple we enjoyed them.  Many great scallop experiences. Then Annmarie swears she had a bad scallop at a restaurant.  We have not had scallops since.  It’s been almost 3 yrs..)

Annmarie: Fine.  I want a grilled chicken sandwich, fries, and a plain hamburger for Brooklyn. (Ed. Note-Brooklyn is our dog.)

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